SpeedMovers Testimonials

We ordered a packaging and moving service form SpeedMovers. It was our first experience in relocating and we decided to order a complete service package. Our biggest worries concerned electronic equipment, as it was new and valuable. However, even largest items, as a fridge, a TV set and a washing machine were tightly wrapped and safely delivered. Thank you!

/John and Denice/


For our office it was a long-distance relocating process. We understand how important it was to apply for professional services: without their planning and recommendations we wouldn't manage to move in time. Moreover, due to workers' experience, off-loading process was perfectly maintained and we could start organizing the same day.

/BizAdvisor Group Ltd./


I strongly appreciate the service level, provided by SpeedMovers. It was a really nice experience: no stress and worries. The team of workers was very polite and understanding: they know how difficult the process of moving seems to their customers. It was a pleasure to see a great team work: all the participants were very helping and supportive. Thank you, SpeedMovers!

/Lauren Kapiski/


For our shop it was not the first relocating. However, this time it was completed much faster. Time in our business is money. With the help of SpeedMovers we could open our doors the very next day. It was very convenient to use their additional services, as equipment installation, furniture placement and even unpacking. It was very easy and quick!

/Leonardo Crafting Store/


We constantly cooperate with SpeedMovers due to our business needs. We provide product deliveries every week. At this point, SpeedMovers company represents our business and keeps our solid reputation. Our delivery schedule is very unsteady and we set a high value on flexibility of transportation services, as well as individual adjustment to our needs.

/Custom Plastic Extrusions Ltd./