Packing&Moving Tips

It is important to apply an organized approach to a moving matter. All the moving company services need to be supplemented by customer individual preparation. Here are some recommendations for a comfortable moving process.

Measurements      Calculation      Stickers 

  • Set a date for moving. It is advisable to start getting ready for it in advance: in a month or three weeks.
  • Allocate your budget.

  • Take a few measurements, as doorway, window openings and the largest furniture pieces. Figure out if a freight elevator can be used.

  • Make a list of things that need to be transported. Print it out. Prepare stickers for boxes, containing all necessary information: what is in a box and where it needs to be placed in a new location.

  • Clean the space by getting rid of old and useless items.

  • Order an appropriate quantity of packing sheets, containers and materials in advance.

  • Books should be sorted by size, textile – by purpose, clothing – by season, crockery – by material. All cosmetics and chemicals need to be hermetical. Some items should be taken into pieces in case their parts have different solidity.

  • Boxes need to be also marked by such tips, as: “this side up”, “fragile”, “living room” and a content description.

  • It is recommended to pack valuable items separately: jewelry, documents, money, keys and gadgets.

  • Make a couple of boxes for the first days at a new place: put toothbrushes, towels, cups, dishes, cutlery, pajamas, slippers and toiletries.

  • Take care of your children and pets: as a rule, it is better to leave them with friends or relatives on the day of major packing.

When most of preparation works are completed, have some rest and get ready for a new housing!


Our process is designed to treat each relocation individually, to properly assess the requirements before the move process begins, and then to recommend the service strategies and alternatives available to you.