Safe Storage

SpeedMovers company offers a service of safe storage. It is a convenient solution for a long-term moving process and during apartment or house renovation. Our spacious warehouses are fully equipped with video observation systems, air conditioning, fire alarms, ventilation, security and access control. The warehouse construction protects loads from weather conditions, theft, damage and breakage. Natural materials, wooden furniture and electronic domestic appliances are especially sensitive to temperature ratio.

Our warehouse is ready to take care of your belongings, regardless their weight, shape and size. The property will be responsibly secured while you finish an apartment, a moving process or personal issues. We will deliver a load at any convenient time. There is a variety of additional services, provided by our warehouse workers:

  • Storage servicedelivery

  • packing

  • loading and off-loading

  • transportation

  • handling

  • assorting

  • cleaning

  • marking

The storage service also includes consultation and accurate budget calculation. You can always get in touch with the warehouse staff to get details about your load condition or track it during transportation.

Safe storageAdvantages of the SpeedMovers Storage:

  • spacious guarded warehouse: an area is secured 24/7/365

  • careful belongings keeping: appropriate temperature and hermetic construction

  • professional packaging using modern facilities and products

  • operative and punctual delivery, performed as soon as a customer requests

  • reasonable pricing for the most comfortable cooperation