Packaging Materials

It is recommended to use professional packaging materials in order to keep belongings safe and protect them from breakage. Materials should be chosen according to their purposes and practically applied. SpeedMovers consultants will advise on our wide selection, taking into account numerous moving conditions and factors.

Packaging materialsSpeedMovers company offers:

  • pasteboard boxes

  • cardboard sheets

  • bubble wrap

  • stretch film

  • tape

  • stickers

  • carrier bags

  • gloves

  • heavy – duty plastic bags

  • vacuum bags

PackagingThere is also a number of additional accessories, such as:

  • utility knives

  • water resistant markers

  • pack threads 

  • foamed safety modules

TV sets, computers, mirrors and glass items need to be protected by bubble wrap; for household appliances, cabinet or soft furniture - stretch film is suitable; for front panels and decorative interior elements – soft angle blocks are perfect. We can also offer specialized wardrobe boxes with hangers inside for suits, fur coats, jackets and formal outfits. Masking tape is great for cabinet doors fixing, as it doesn't leave stains or marks on furniture facades and glass; it is especially useful for furniture movable mechanisms secure.

Presented products obtain a number of qualitative characteristics, as water resistance, thermal stability and durability. Variety of shapes and sized allows to pack, comfortably handle and transport diversified items of different weight and height. They are also reusable and environmental friendly.