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Scaffolding Tags: Not An Element To Ignore

If utilized properly, scaffolding tags UAE have the potential to protect workers, prevent failure and save lives. That is why these tags are reassuring the contractors and employees who are held responsible for on-site security to consider enhancing their equipment checks to make sure that the working atmosphere is unaffected by frost, storms or floods.

If we talk in the most basic sense, scaffolding tags are a source of communication. They are a color coded device to communicate important information to the scaffold users. The scaffold tags should have four pieces of basic information on them: identification showing the scaffold name, number or code, the most recent date of completing, modifying or inspecting the equipment, the name of the erector, inspector or effective person and the usual load or duty rating of the scaffold.

The most important factor to consider when specifying am equipment tagging system is the simplicity and the ease of use. The conventional holder and the system for insert remain the most effective, the holder is attached to the equipment making it clearly visible to the user at the working area. It is necessary to record all the inspection information on the insert. If anyone removes the insert, a clear message is displayed on the holder saying “do not use” for the welfare of fellow employees.

The second thing is that the tags must be clearly visible to all. Workers or anybody should not make so much effort to see them. They should be fixed on all the points of the scaffolding which are visible for example the ladder or the staircase which are useful in accessing the platform. The tags should also be fixed at eye level of the user.

A tag that is visible should never show the message “safe to use”. The tag is only safe for using during the inspection. Instead, the fixed and visible tag should show the message “safe to use during inspection” to avoid any misunderstandings. If the equipment is found to be faulty during the inspection, this simple message has secured the worker from any accident.

The inspection of the equipment is often done with electronic inspection systems. They are used to assess the scaffolding and access point. The criteria for inspection should be entered into a handheld computer onsite and downloaded to the office computer later.

The scaffold tags are available in different colors which sometimes become the cause of confusion. There are three colors of the tags; green, yellow and red.

The green tags mean that it is a regular tag which shows that this tag is not used for any special instructions or hazards that the user should know. They are the normal risks which are usually associated with the scaffolds.

Yellow tag is an irregular tag that is it is designed for some kind f special instruction of hazard. Red tags are the tags which are the least confused ones. These tags are usually fixed over green and yellow tags when a defect is identified and has a message written on it DO NOT USE. Only the erector can touch or dismantle the red tag.

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