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Dishes in Dubai You Must Try

Dubai Food You Must Try

For a large number of years, Dubai city was the land of dunes, dust, and pearls. Divers would associate risk fatality by diving as profound as 40 meters searching for the tiny, profitable piece of pearl. Eventually, the magic and threat of pearling gave way to crude oil and industry.

Whether you happen to be in this city for business or pleasure, you will have to indulge in some food and order online food delivery in Dubai by Food Club. A city of diversified flavors and spices, make the meals exotic. Here are seven foods that you have to eat next time you visit the UAE.

Stuffed Camel

Among the most significant foods you can eat all over the world, stuffed camel is known as one of the most celebratory and luxurious foods. Cooked directly on the spit fire, stuffed camel can be filled up with chicken, eggs, seafood, sheep, and spices. Since it is so over-the-top, stuffed camel is dished up only when there's a special occasion, happening, or important ethnical or family event, so plan your trip consequently.


It is one of the most popular dishes all over the world, beyond the UAE. Created from slow-roasted and spiced meats - usually rooster or lamb - a shawarma is some Midsection Eastern sandwich. Dished up within an Arabic roti, it could be served with fruit and vegetables, fries, tomato vegetables, pickles, garlic clove sauce - the options are endless. It could be found in NEW YORK, Delhi, Moscow, Tokyo - just about anywhere in the world- but having shawarma in Dubai can be an unforgettable experience which should not be overlooked.


It is a refreshing pudding, with standout flavors result from rosewater and pistachios. It tastes like a refreshing oasis in a hot desert. This dish is healthy and ideal for the diner who would like a stimulating after-dinner treat. Mehalabiya is particularly favored by children.

Al Harees

This dish takes time to make, but its elements are incredibly simple. A pinch of salt is put into a container of whole wheat and meats, and they are cooked before the texture is easy and homogeneous, up to the extent that it becomes difficult to differentiate the beef from the grain. Then, the complete mixture is cooked slowly for a number hours. Al hares is a simple dish in the land of spices that brings a surprising and pleasant change to your palette.


Also known as khuzi, this dish is prepared out of mutton OR whole-roasted lamb and is also often dished up on kebab skewers with fruit and vegetables and hazelnuts. It is the most popular food in Dubai since it is considered a complete meal alone. It is also the nationwide dish of the UAE; this means any visit to the region without ghuzi can be an incomplete one.